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Back in 2018, Mike embarked on a journey to revolutionize the world of car deals for consumers. He laid the foundation for Your Car Buying Advocate, which has now evolved into a network of expert car buying and selling consultants championing the rights of consumers all across the United States.


What's the Story on how to sell a car

For five years, our primary focus was on empowering car buyers at  yourcarbuyingadvocate.com.

Many of our clients have traded in their cars using our services but many have also wanted to take advantage of selling private party to get a little more for their buck. 

We know the private party car market is an important part of the car market so we decided to create a go-to hub for individuals who want to learn how to sell their vehicles and who are on a quest for valuable insights and a helping hand when navigating this complex world. We’re all about providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions.

The Sell a car Mission

Our mission is: to empower you, the car seller, by offering expert guidance and insider tips from our team of car selling experts. When you are in the market to sell your beloved vehicle, we’ve got your back.

We’re here to demystify the world of automotive transactions, advocate for your best interests, and ensure you’re in the driver’s seat of your car deals.

So, fasten your seatbelt; you’re the one in control. We’re YCBA, and we’re here to help you drive toward success in the world of car sales. Welcome to the revolution! 🚗💨

Selling your Car Independantly

In the ever-evolving landscape of car transactions, an increasing number of consumers are choosing to navigate the process of selling their vehicles independently.  So why are more people opting to take the driver’s seat in selling their cars?

Control and Transparency

One of the primary reasons consumers choose to sell their cars on their own is the desire for control and transparency throughout the entire process. When selling independently, individuals have the freedom to set their own prices, negotiate directly with potential buyers, and showcase their vehicle’s condition as they see fit. This hands-on approach allows sellers to feel more in charge of the transaction, fostering a sense of empowerment.

Maximizing Profit

Financial considerations often drive the decision to sell independently. By cutting out the middleman, sellers can potentially maximize their profits. Dealerships typically offer trade-in values that may be lower than the market value of the vehicle. Selling privately enables individuals to negotiate a fair price and retain a larger portion of the sale proceeds.

Personalized Marketing

Selling a car independently allows for personalized marketing efforts. Sellers can craft detailed car listings online, highlight unique features, and share the vehicle’s history and maintenance records. This can attract buyers who are specifically interested in the characteristics of that particular vehicle, creating a more targeted and potentially quicker sale.

Avoiding Dealership Hassles

Dealing with dealerships is, for lack of a better term, blllaahhh. From negotiating trade-in values to navigating paperwork, the dealership experience does not appeal to most. Selling independently eliminates these potential headaches, offering a more straightforward and direct approach to finding a buyer.

Emotional Attachment

Many individuals form deep emotional connections with their cars. Selling your truck or car on your own allows the owner to be selective in choosing the next steward of their beloved car too. This emotional connection often drives sellers to seek buyers who will appreciate and care for the vehicle as much as they have. Not that we encourage emotional decisions, because after all it is a business transaction, car sales, but we get it and understand.


While the traditional route of trading in a car at a dealership remains a popular choice, the increasing trend of selling cars by owner highlights the evolving preferences of consumers. Whether it’s the desire for control, the hope of maximizing profits, or the emotional attachment to a cherished vehicle, individuals are finding new empowerment in taking charge of their car-selling journey. So, if you’re contemplating parting ways with your wheels, we’re here for you.

Car Selling Consulting

For a limited time Mike is offering car consulting on an hourly basis. To get expert advise on your private party sale, you can schedule a call with Mike.

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